Who am I ?

I am many people; I am an Artist - an Abstract Expressionist - a Digital Creator, a Musician, occasionally I am also a writer. I have travelled far & wide across different planes of existence & time. I am also the founder of two startups - Shades of Joy & D-CyberSpace. This website is dedicated to my digital creations #NFTs. I create using multiple digital mediums, I also bring the I to AI. I create each collection with a different Style because I can.

Somewhere in Time

Spotlight Drop

NFTs I have Created

Psychotropic Trance

Psychotropic Trance is a 1/1 Psychedelic Art Collection - The more you look, the more you will see. There are a total of 88 artworks - 8 have been released at (0.4ETH Buy Now price) & (0.1ETH Reserve Price) the remaining 80 will be released 10 at a time, & with each new drop the floor will rise by 0.1ETH. (A new drop will only take place once the last drop is fully sold out. This supply & demand mechanism will give each collector a rise in value with each new drop.)

Fantasy Forest

108 1/1 NFT Artworks. I don’t like limiting the viewers perception by describing my art - See, think, Imagine. (All Artworks in this Collection are written by me & generated by Ai.)
BOBOs is an ultra exclusive collection of 8 unique ERC-721 BOBOs who live on the Ethereum Blockchain. BOBOs are a symbol of joy & cuteness. They live in their own world. Since there are only 8 Bobos they also make for a unique & instantly recognisable digital Identity on web3.
(This was the first NFT Collection I ever created so it has a special place in my heart, not actively looking to sell these NFTs)


Psychedelic Souls

Psychedelic Souls is a collection of 108 1/1 Artworks created to raise awareness about psychedelics & their power to heal, liberate & manifest a higher reality. (All Artworks in this Collection are written by me & generated by Ai. The resolution has been upscaled using Gigapixel AI.) The NFTs are already on the blockchain so you don’t have to pay anything other than the basic gas cost for transferring the NFT to your wallet.

Upcoming Collections

Junkyard Dolls

Madness & Perception

I also collect ENS Names

I can always be reached on twitter, I always reply. I am also happy to answer any questions anyone may have.

Random things you should know

100% of ETH from every sale I make is used to buy NFTs from other artists.

I absolutely hate talking in twitter spaces, sadly I still do it.

I refuse to sell my soul.

I am building my own NFT marketplace.

I am a school dropout, I have very strong feeling for the current education system.

I am not religious but I am deeply spiritual.